Keep Thinking for Yourself

One of the most precious gifts we’ve been given is our mind.  Our brain.  The ability to think.  Just because things are even-ing out for us now, it doesn’t mean that we can go on auto-pilot and stop thinking about stuff.  It’s easy to turn off the thinking switch when we’ve gotten comfortable (after all, wasn’t the whole point (to all of our thinking) to get us to a place where we didn’t have to think so much all the time?  So that things could be a little more breezy, a little less straining?).  But, truly, the journey has only just begun.  Everything else up until now has only been prologue (which is wild to think about since a lot of what we have been through to-date has been so all-consuming of us and our lives).

It’s tempting to try to fit in (whether we are talking about church or our children’s schools or our neighborhood).  But a lot of those people have stopped thinking.  They do not think for themselves anymore (and maybe not ever).  Keep thinking.  For yourself.  It’s one of the best gifts we can receive for ourselves and one of the best gifts we can pass on to our children.

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