Keep Reading until You Find What Meets Your Needs

The thing about recovery from parentification, covert incest, and other forms of narcissistic abuse is that it can be frustrating trying to find literature and other helpful materials that target the exact thing we are dealing with.  Often, a resource will only hit on a sliver of the thing that is huge to you.  Or it will come at the issue from a different angle, requiring us to mold the concepts into a shape that fits our needs.  It can be quite challenging to get the help we need when it’s so hard to happen upon something that is ready-made, just for us.  The best thing we can do, though, is to keep reading until we find what meets our needs.  Just keep reading.  Keep searching.  We don’t have to read slowly or read every word.  Skim everything until something clicks and registers and resonates within you.  After all, we are doing the most important kind of research there is—learning about a topic that helps us to become a more fully developed person.

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