Parenting Well Really Is Tough—It’s Not in Your Head

It’s easy to look at other parents and assume that they have it easy and then to conclude that we’re having so much trouble at parenting because there’s something wrong with us.  But it’s very important to stop using other people as a point of reference.  Parenting well really is tough.  It is not in our head.  And it’s not because we aren’t cut out for it.  It’s because parenting is the hardest job on earth—and we are doing it!  Anybody can be a parent (noun).  But to parent (infinitive form of a verb) requires action from us and (furthermore) to be a good parent (adjective, qualifier) takes a little more blood and guts than we might have thought.  Doing this takes everything we’ve got.  And it’s worth it all.  So tend to your wounds and tough it out, both.  We need to have compassion on ourselves while also continuing to face the task at hand.

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