Once You’re Free, Stay Free

With all things in life but especially with parenting and marriage-ing, with enough hard work and dedication, we will eventually get to a place where the sky opens up and everything is wonderful.  The word bliss comes to mind.  Heaven on earth.  Joy overflowing.  Abounding happiness.  Unshakable peace.  It helps if we cling to God to get us to this place, but however you make it here, it’s important to recognize this freedom for what it is and then to do what we need to do to keep this freedom.  This is the harvest we’ve been waiting for.  We have sown and we have tended.  Now is the time to reap the benefits of all the wisdom we have applied to our lives.  Don’t scatter stuff around or flaunt it now that you’ve got it.  Drink from your own well and invest it all right back into the home you have created for your family and for yourself.  If you do not do this (protect your newfound freedom), your harvest will be fleeting and you’ll wonder whatever happened to it.  But if you do do this (invest your newly harvested freedom back into your home and family instead of being reckless with it), you will continue to reap harvest after harvest of the good life.

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