When Other Mothers (and Fathers) Bother You

This one is so simple.  When other mothers (and fathers) bother you, just ignore them!  You can see right through them, and that is one of your many superpowers.  These other mothers (and fathers) are just trying to compensate for the fact that they are not there for their kids.  And so what do they do?  They do obnoxious things to try to prove that they are a good mom (and dad) even though they know deep down they aren’t.  [Because we know that if they really were a good mom (and dad), they would stop doing all the obnoxious things and start doing the real things to tend to the good growth of their child.]  Don’t be like them.  You may be tempted to respond in kind, but you don’t need to.  Your life and your choices and your children and your family speak for you.  It is evident why they feel so insecure—because they should!  We all make our choices in life, and these are the intersections where our choices get a spotlight shined on them!  Be proud of the life you live and of the choices you’ve made and of the children you care for and of the family you tend to.  Everyone knows the truth about things because it is plain for all to see.

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