Enjoy the Fruit of Your Labor

If we never take a minute and take it all in, the wonderful goodness that our life has produced, then it’s like we’ve been working so hard for nothing.  So make a point to enjoy the fruit of your labor—after all, this is why we do it, so that things can be good for our family today and even better tomorrow, so that there can be something to enjoy both now and later, something in the present as well as the future that we are glad we had.  When it comes to our children, our marriage, and our family as a whole unit, these are the greatest treasures on earth.  If you believe in God, you know that our life is our worship, and the way that we live our lives reflects the honor and reverence that we hold for God.  If you’ve grown up in church, this can all be so familiar to us that it’s not a special concept anymore.  But do what you can to retain the awe of the blessing of having kids and a spouse and a family to call your own.  Let your approach and response to each day continue to be consistent with the kind of result you want from this life (and the kind of reward you want in the next).  One of the greatest powers we have been given is to be able to reap what we sow.  From a spiritual perspective, this is the key to life, and it is important that we don’t tire of doing and being all of the things that set us apart as God’s chosen vessel of mercy.  With our relentlessness comes results, and as the results come, may we embrace them and enjoy the fruit that our labor (and God’s provision) has brought us.

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