Everything Is a Choice

We might not feel like doing certain things every day—especially since much of what we do is routine, repetitive, and mundane.  But that doesn’t mean we answer to our feelings on matters related to our responsibilities, roles, and all-around good-life living.  Everything is a choice—including how we take care of ourselves, how we treat our children and our spouse, and how we meet the demands of the day.  It can be easy to start loosening the diet-and-exercise reigns (for example) because weight gain is just part of post-partum aging (since it is) or to become less caring about how we come off to other people because we’ve had a rough day (since we have) or to relax our standards in housekeeping because we’re tired (since we are).  But we have to remember that everything is, ultimately, a choice.  It’s not based on how we feel or some uncontrollable thing that overtakes us.  We get stuck in life because we let ourselves get stuck and stay stuck.  Yes, it’s hard work to stay fit (for example) and it takes patience to treat all people kindly at all times and it takes discipline to consistently keep a house in order.  But these are the choices we make in our life.  And the sum of our choices equals the kind of life we end up living.  Yes, circumstances can seem to be against us, and we may struggle in a very real way with mental roadblocks and emotional winds.  But these things do not make it impossible for us to live the life we want.  We still have a choice in how we proceed and where we go from here.  Let nothing be an excuse to stay down and out.

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