Capture the Moving-Wheel Feeling

The best I can come up with to describe what it feels like to be making progress in an area is that it’s like having a wheel move.  That moving-wheel feeling is what gives us the momentum and the motivation and the drive (pun intended!) to keep going and to keep progressing in whatever area we are working to see improvement in.  Simple things like finishing a book, knitting a blanket, completing the chores, tending to the garden, working through a back-log of to-do lists, or being able to cross off another day of exercising can all give us that moving-wheel feeling.  That feeling that says that we are buzzing with energy and that our house is humming with activity and that our hands are churning out productivity.  It’s a feeling we all seek to have in our lives, really.  That sense that we are living purposeful, passionate, industrious, and focused lives.  Capture this—and then keep the wheel moving each and every day.

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