What joy it is for us to play with our children!  We won’t always want to or be able to, but when we choose to make time to play with them, we will instantly be reminded how fun it is to be a child and how simple life really is.  If we didn’t get much of a childhood ourselves, this is our chance to have one!  This is the beauty and the spiritual healing that parenthood provides: we get to be a kid again!  What if we’re having the kind of day that makes it tough for us to be good sports in play?  Then we can keep it short and put in a few minutes at a time—we can put on a happy face for a few minutes, can’t we?  Our children need to know that we are there for them in the good times and the bad.  Playing with them is a great way to strengthen our connection with them and to build a bond that carries us through the rest of this life together.

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