Smile and Enjoy the Day

Did you know that one of the ways our children learn emotions is to mimic us?  So if we’re frowning all the time, they will learn how to frown pretty well from us.  And if we’re smiling and simply enjoy our life, then they will learn how to do the same.  There’s a time to be upset over things and to give space for the negative feelings as well as the feel-good feelings.  But in general, it’s better for our children’s development for us to learn how to stay positive and up-beat as much as we can.  When things get us down, it’s important to learn how to turn the situation around so that we aren’t always fixating on things that can be so easy to be critical about.  When we can bounce back quickly and honestly from upsets and set-backs, we are modeling true resiliency, which is a strong tool for our children to learn how to use in their own lives.

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