Live It Forward

You know the phrase “pay it forward” where people will do practical, random, and sometimes anonymous acts of kindness and generosity?  Taking it literally, you hear stories of how people will take the change they’ve received at a check out register and tell the clerk to put it towards the next person (thereby paying it forward).  Or people who have gotten out of depressed neighborhoods and return to invest a significant portion of their earned income into the communities where they have grown up.  Or people who take the clothes that their children have grown out of and give them to someone else who has little kids.  Things like this.  Well, if we can take the idea of “paying it forward” and enlarge it to encompass our whole lives where we “live it forward,” how wonderful that would be for the people who know us as well as the people who don’t!  We can do both the individual acts of kindness and generosity and the collective act of living in a kind and generous way!  This is how we break free from the dysfunctional and destructive cycles that we may have come out of—we deliberately live in a way that inspires excellence and ignites compassion and promotes thoughtfulness.

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