Remember What It Was Like in the Hospital

Sometimes if we can just think of a time that has been worse for us, the present circumstances fade in their intensity.  Do you remember what it was like in the hospital?  Just the fact that we had to be away from our homes for a few days was enough to make it an undesirable setting.  We didn’t like being away from our other children.  We didn’t like being contained.  We didn’t like the circus of events that took place because of our vulnerability.  But we got through it, and here we are.  It shines a new light of perspective on our present struggles—what a relief to be home now and with our family.  All of that is over and we have the freedom now to go through real life, terrible-twos and all.  We can do this because we know we did that—we made it through our hospital stay (and all of them!).  And now we breathe easy, living the kind of life that we want to live.

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