Think: “This is me.”

Keep separating, separating, separating from the environmental emotional toxins that will take you down if you are not alert and on guard.  Envision the person you really are, and say to yourself, “This is me!”  When you feel the stress creeping in, keep it out by breathing deeply (breathe in, blow it out, breathe in, blow it out) until you regain your equilibrium.  When the anxiety tries to strike, don’t listen to it.  Focus on what you need to do, what needs to get done, and how you need and want to be so that the emotional boat doesn’t overturn on you, making more messes to clean up.  This is really hard—especially when there are multiple factors at play (external and internal spinning plates).  While there may be many moving pieces all the time, do not despair or give in to the immaturity and blow-up-when-it-gets-too-hard mentality that will surely console you for the moment but will hinder your progress in the long run.  Just be who you know you are and want to be in the present.  Let it be a reality, finally.  The real you is not in your head any longer or a long-distance vision you have of yourself.  The time has come—demonstrate once and for all the fact you have known all along: “This is me.”

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