Be Thankful for The Next Stage

That’s right.  There’s a whole world of wonderfulness that you now have access to—now that you can almost expect for certain that you get to enter The Next Stage of womanhood.  This is cause for celebration.  You have had your children!  You have done the hard work and have gone through the trying times of having experienced pregnancy and childbirth (for some of us, multiple times!).  While we (whether women or men) may always want more babies in our family, there comes a time when our biology moves us on.  Accept this gift—for it gives us the power to do all the things that we cannot do (and couldn’t do) when we have (and had) our hands full with infants and when we have (and had) our schedules full with feedings and changes and naps and fussiness.  We can cling to the past with all of its wishfulness, or we can stay in the present and enjoy today and all the benefits that come with moving on to the next leg of this journey.

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