Do One Moment Well at a Time

Focus only on this moment.  Then go to the next one.  We have it in us.  We just need to go this slow to show it.  We will get better at this.  We will develop stamina.  But for now, it’s one moment at a time—we are making sure that our interactions with others build them up and that we are not diminishing our own personhood in the process.  We don’t have to be carried away by the waves around us.  We can make a steady-but-surely trek through the day.  As we make sure that we are doing each moment well, we will gain momentum and will be able to take each day in increments of an hour or two at a time.  Soon we can take whole weeks in one step.  But for now, it’s this moment that counts.  Because the moments add up.  And this is how we make strides to change the output of our life.

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