Make Things Right

We know when we’ve messed up.  So the most important thing to do is to stop the downward spiral in its tracks and then go make things right.  We have to say sorry.  We have to make up for our mistakes.  We have to do better the next time.  No parent is perfect.  All parents make mistakes.  And most of us make mistakes again and again in our parenting efforts.  The goal is not to never make mistakes (though that would be nice!).  The goal is to be able to recognize our mistakes when we make them and then to work hard to not make the same mistake twice (which sometimes takes the length of this parenting journey depending on the thing we are working on).  Being around toddlers all day and night will most certainly bring out unpleasant parts of us.  Let’s make sure we are getting the breaks we need (to the extent that we can), that we are resting effectively (to the extent that we can), and that we aim to put our best self forward (to the extent that we can) as we parent our young children.

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