Embrace Their Humanness–and Yours

Two-year-olds display almost a concentrated humanness that reflects our own shortcomings and limitations as the people we are.  The ups and downs and quick triggers.  The highs and lows and temperamental-ism.  The on-again-off-again push-and-pull of living in this world with all of the overwhelming-ness and overpowering-ness of our surroundings.  Instead of allowing a two-year-olds developmental stage take us down and all of our tenderly grown patience, self-control, and gentleness, let us do our best to embrace the humanness of our little one while also accommodating our own humanness.  This doesn’t mean we allow craziness or hurtfulness—it just means that we accept that our two-year-old is a real person with real feelings and real limitations.  They will learn from us, over time, how to manage their emotions well and how to recover from life’s setbacks.  But this time right now—in all its glory—is critical: our children are learning from us whether we still love them even when they act like a literal two-year-old.  This is how our children learn what unconditional love is.  And by treating ourselves this ways (i.e., still treating ourselves with love and care even when we fall out of line or behave immaturely), we can help heal old childhood wounds from never having completely learned what this unconditional love is for ourselves.  It’s a two-for-one—embracing our children for all that they are and are becoming while also embracing ourselves for all that we are and are becoming.

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