Try to Understand Where the Frustration Is Coming from

When frustration is knocking, if we can’t completely ignore it (which is different from denying that it’s there)—because ignoring it will always keep you in control because then you can deal with the root of it as you maintain a clear head—then it helps if we can try to understand on a very simple level where the frustration is coming from.  Sometimes identifying the why in the moment can help us get through it until the wave has passed and we can face the deeper issues at hand.  When we are parents of a toddler, the incessant noises and messes and meltdowns and demands of the job all build to create a huge mound of crystalized frustration.  There might not be any bigger issues—parenting a toddler is hard work!  It is a stressful stage in life (for both us and our toddler!).  So reminding ourselves that it is, indeed, relentlessly demanding work can be just enough to keep us from losing it (because helping ourselves to simply manage instead of creating the habit of losing it will help us out now and in the long run—and it will help our children, too).  When we let ourselves lose it, we are just making more work for ourselves!  So if we can learn to understand why the frustration is present while we learn to let the frustration be, we can sidestep the losing it more times than not.

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