You Gotta Detach Yourself Just a Little

For people like us, one of our greatest vulnerabilities is that we care too much.  We hold on for too long.  Our desire for things to be right overtakes the more rational sides of us (though, it’s quite rational to want things to be right!).  So when we’re dealing with the daunting task of breaking the cycle (of dysfunctional and ineffective living), it can be a real challenge to us to detach ourselves—even just a little—so that we can gain valuable perspective and clarity on things.  The people in our lives mean the most to us—so naturally we’re going to hang on the most tightly to them.  But we will see that as we loosen our grip ever so gradually, we will experience a loosening of our heart—it won’t be so bound by externals.  It won’t be so grief-stricken when things don’t go our way and when people don’t act the way we want them to (and when we aren’t treated the way we would prefer to be treated).  We can see it all as a drop in the bucket and move on in our day to other things that pertain more to our goals of how we want to be.  And one of the greatest tests of our character (which is rooted in our faith in God) is to treat other people with kindness and mercy even when they do not treat us that way.  So don’t boo-hoo.  See it as a challenge.  We can view these difficulties as a way to demonstrate our growth.

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