Be the Person That You Want to Be

Easier said than done, yes.  But still achievable and still the mission statement for anyone wanting to fully develop into the person they know they really are.  Even though we may be up against so much, if we can focus in on our choices and disregard the choices of those around us, we will maintain our stability far easier than if we wait for circumstances to be just so or if we wait for other people to be who we need them to be.  Just be you.  Other people might not like it—especially if they depend on you to fuel their own dysfunction.  But we don’t live to please others.  We live to please the God who made us.  If we have a kind, giving heart, then let us allow that heart to beat strongly.  If we have a merciful, forgiving spirit, then let us allow that spirt to permeate every room we enter.  If we have a gentle and understanding demeanor, then let us display that demeanor at every moment and every turn.  Do not allow anyone to stop you from being who you really are.  The truth is that our kindness sheds light on other people’s dark hearts, and no one likes to be exposed.  But only when God’s warm light of love dawns on our hearts—through the love we receive from him and by his love that we show others—can we all be free of all darkness.

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