Releasing Is Where Forgiveness Lives

The simple (though not always easy) approach to emotions regulation is to feel then release.  We do this so that our emotions don’t run away with us and so that we are the ones controlling our emotions and not the other way around (where our emotions are controlling us).  When we are going through something very hard, where we feel like we just can’t shake the thing that we are trying to be free of (constant, nagging frustration, for example, or an insistent, intense urge to turn to food to avoid facing and dealing with unpleasant feelings, as another example), it helps if we can frame the releasing part as a mere acceptance of what it is that we are struggling with.  Not that we accept it into our lives and allow it to run free but that we accept that this is what we are dealing with so that it isn’t allowed to run free.  In this acceptance is the forgiveness that the release requires from us.  Forgiveness is what allows us to let go so that we can be free to live our lives independently of anything else that would seek to take us down, hold us down, or hold us back.  This forgiveness is not possible without an eternal, divine love—which only comes from the Great God of the Universe.  Receive God and his love, and you will be able to forgive yourself and others—which will allow you to release the negative and unpleasant emotions that are troubling you.  God is our help, our strength, and our shield.

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