Choose a Good Attitude

We can’t count on waking up in a good mood all the time.  And having a good attitude throughout the day isn’t an automatic given.  Getting (and staying) in a good mood and having (and keeping) a good attitude require us to choose the good mood and the good attitude.  It helps if we slow down a bit so that we aren’t so hurried.  And it helps if we keep the love in our hearts stirred up so that we don’t grow cold and hardened.  It also helps if we simplify our lives so that we aren’t so overwhelmed by daily things.  But ultimately, whether we are rushed or not, whether we are calloused or not, and whether we are drowning or not, we can still make the choice to operate the day with a good attitude.  This is one of the most important things we can teach our children, that in spite of what we might be facing in the day, we can still choose to stay positive, uplifting, and encouraging to those around us and to our own selves.  Why is this the better path to choose in contrast to the negative, critical, and disapproving road?  Because good growth (the kind we seek in ourselves and our families) only happens in nurturing environments.  And constant negativity, constant criticalness, and constant disapproval are not nurturing factors.  They suck away life and warmth.  We want to cultivate life and warmth.  And so we must choose to do away with all the things that work against nurturing.  If we choose a good attitude, then we are going the right direction.

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