Pour Goodness into Them

Sometimes we can get caught up on what we don’t have or what we want or what is missing or not right.  But let us never forget that our children are the greatest blessings that we could have ever received.  It doesn’t matter if we have one child or 21 children.  God gave us life to nurture, and we have been shown favor to carry that life and we’ve been given the grace to care for that life.  By pouring goodness into them every single day, we are ensuring that our perspective is right.  By loving our children well every single day, we are honoring the blessing that we’ve been given to watch over our children’s lives.  By focusing on the wondrous duty we have this day to shape the souls of our children, we are fulfilling the beautiful responsibility we’ve been given to pass forward the peace and joy that is in our hearts and to pass down a legacy of care and gentleness.

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