Do What Works

In recovery (of any sort), there’s a period of time when it’s very important to stick to the schedule (i.e., when we simply do what works).  The reason for this is so that we don’t get too far off the tried-and-true path of getting better.  Just as we would need to stick to an antibiotic schedule to fight infection, so too do we need to stick to a schedule of dosing ourselves with a whole lot of good to rid ourselves of the not-so-good.  It’s good to be mindful of triggers (if you have codependent tendencies, you may have recognized your triggers as the little “opportunities” to bolster your own self-worth with someone else’s identity), but it’s even better to out-number the triggers with pure goodness and right choices.  Just do the right thing!  Do what works!  If we’re trying to lose and maintain weight, then we need to stick to the schedule of healthful eating and regular exercise.  If we’re trying to be more gentle and tender in our relationships with our children and spouse, then we need to stick to the schedule of hugs and kisses and kind greetings and listening ears.  We earn the right to work a more flexible schedule as we prove that we can handle working a basic schedule that works.

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