Learn to Enjoy the Scenery

Walking this path of parenting might lead us into some new scenery, but it’s important that we learn to enjoy the place that we are at on this road.  For those of us who like things neat and tidy all of the time (for example), it’s going to feel uncomfortable when our little ones run around and make messes everywhere they go.  Sure, we will help them to eventually learn how to consistently clean up after themselves, but when they are little, it can feel like all we are doing is picking up the same things over and over again a hundred times a day.  Instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, it might do us some good to just let the mess be and enjoy the energy that our children bring into our lives.  Kids love to be creative, and when they are playing (which is serious work to them), they need their environment to be the way they have made it to be.  So just leave it for a bit.  By the time we clean it all us again, our children will be grown, and we will wish that we would have just better enjoyed this blip in our neat-and-tidy lives.

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