Let Your Actions Reflect Your Intentions

     To have more joy (especially on this rocky and dusty road of parenting young children), we need to make sure that our actions line up with our intentions.  This is one of the hardest things to do—in any sphere of life—because it requires us to actually do what we intent to do.  It requires us to live out of our head, to get out of fantasy land, and to live in the here-and-now and to do the nitty gritty work that fulfilled lives and realized dreams are made of.

     If we ever wonder if it is worth it—if putting the pedal to the metal is all it’s cracked up to be—let us be assured that yes, it is.  Giving up the mindless lifestyle of distraction and the ironclad defense mechanism of avoidance and the alluring mirage of busy self-reliance will immediately present us with the freedom we have been seeking within this seemingly contained life of being a 24/7 parent.  Let us give our full attention to our children so that we can know (with joy and relief) that we gave them our very best.    

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