Come and Get Your Love

     In the words of Redbone (my kids like to dance around to their song from Guardians of the Galaxy), “Come and get your love.”  It’s really that simple (though not always easy).  On days when we feel unloved and unlovable, we have to remember that we can go and get what we need—from both our spouse and from our children.  Instead of waiting for our spouse to love us a certain way, we can simply go to them and be what we want to be with them.  It changes everything.  Same thing with our kids.  If we want them to respect us more (and thereby listen to us more), then we have to start by respecting them more (which includes listening to them more).  This was an interesting leadership principle I learned early on as a teacher, in the trenches day after day trying to make sense of and make strides with some of my more unruly students.  If we aren’t getting what we need from others (because this extends to any relationship with have with anyone), then we need to go and get it—in the form of showing them, by example, how we want things to go.  So I guess it’s better said, in the context of this entry, “Go and be” what it is that you need from people.     

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