Slow Way Down

     If we find that we are feeling anxious all the time, then it helps if we can slow way down so that we have more space to breathe and to take in our experiences (both good and bad and everything in between).  The anxiety sometimes comes from being so rushed, so hurried, that we feel we have to race through the day and each moment within the day to just get everything done, to get everything in.  There is no race, no competition to complete.  The whole point to enjoying life in general and enjoying this parenting journey in particular is to let each moment of each experience be real.  That we aren’t faking anything or posturing for anyone.  We are simply ourselves, and those who get to have us in their lives (namely, our children and our spouse) enjoy their lives better.  This is why it’s so important to do our best to improve what we truly have control over.  We can control our attitudes and our choices and our words.  And we can control the pace with which we stroll through our day.  So let’s slow way down and take in more of the sweet serenity that we need more of that has been waiting for us!

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