Focus on Their Happiness and Not Your Unhappiness

     As we are parenting our young children—especially three-year-olds—things can get exasperating real quick.  So a little trick that seems to work more often than not is to try to focus more on our children’s happiness and focus less on our unhappiness.  It is exhausting to take care of little kids day after day, but if we can change our perspective a bit and see that what we are doing is a true gift to them—something that they will never be able to repay us for but something that we know in our heart and conscience that we need to keep doing well—then our unhappiness about things seems to evaporate.  Little kids get happy over the littlest things.  If we can step into their childlike joy and step out of our grown-up frowny-ness, we will find that our days are lighter and our hearts are merrier.  

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