Stay Relaxed While You Hustle

     By now, we have learned the art of making every second count.  We are as efficient as we will ever be.  So now the challenge is to continue to work well with our time while also staying relaxed.  The art of staying relaxed while we hustle involves finding that sweet spot of equilibrium where our gears are turning and our motor is humming but where we are also at peace and we are at rest and we are relaxed and aren’t tense or anxious while we are working our tails off.  This is a tough skill to hone because at first it will seem to be an impossible thing, to stay relaxed while we hustle.  After all, we have become masters of our own stress and have learned to live with and work through a great deal of stress on us at any given time.  The time, now, is to learn how to lay down that stress (all of it, every little bit of it) so that we can still accomplish much without giving away our serenity.  Breaking the cycle of dysfunction involves learning how to stay in the serenity we have found while still doing the day-to-day, whatever our daily work requires of us.   

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