Keep the Big Picture in Mind

     It is easy to get caught up in the miniscule details of the day, but it’s really important to keep the big picture in mind as we walk this path of parenting our children well and as we take on the task of keeping the joy intact.  Perspective changes everything—so it helps if we can remember that our children won’t stay children forever (a sobering fact), and it helps if we can remind ourselves that we will get better at this parenting thing (even if it seems like all we do is take one step forward and two steps back).  The key is to keep going, to keep trying, and to keep loving our children and loving ourselves day after day after day.  The big picture reminds us that it’s the accumulation of all these little days and all these little moments wherein we choose to let love be first.  Everything else kind of gets real small after that.  Love comes first and will always be the most important thing that matters in the end.     

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