Keep Letting Go of What You Can’t Control

     Breaking the cycle of dysfunction means that we will need to keep letting go of what we can’t control.  This can be rather difficult, especially if we find ourselves in situations where our old roles kind of take over for us.  If it’s always been our role to “be the strong one” or “be the mature one” or “be the encouraging one” or “fix everyone’s problems” or “be the sounding board” or “jump on the bandwagon,” then it will be important for us to stay mindful of where our responsibility begins and ends with each person we are interacting with.  Dealing once again with members of our family of origin, for example, can bring us immediately back into the vortex that we had worked so hard to get out of.  We are stronger now and we are wiser now.  We don’t have to mindlessly follow someone else’s aimless path.  We can stay right where we are, living the life we have chosen to live, without getting swayed into someone else’s crazy.  And we can do this and still be compassionate towards others.  The key here is to keep letting go of what we can’t control.  We must recognize what our decisions are and what other people’s decisions are.  And we must consciously choose to only use our powers of persuasion only when it most matters—not just willy nilly because other people want their agendas pushed through.  Take charge of your own life and the lives of your children and spouse under your care, and let go of everything else that seeks to tear down—because what we are about now is everything that builds up.   

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