Let Old Habits Die at Last

     Do you catch yourself still falling in to old habits?  Let these old habits die at last.  Rid your life of them.  When it comes to our children, anything we have to give up in order to give them a better life is worth it.  If we don’t really need to us a harsh-sounding voice with our kids, then let’s not.  Let’s save that for when we really need it (if ever).  If we don’t really need to get all bent out of shape because things aren’t done exactly as we would have them, then let’s not get so bent out of shape.  Let’s save that for when a time really calls for that (if ever).  Fill in the blank, here with habits of your own!  Our ineffective habits might not be earth-shaking, but if they are ineffective nonetheless, then they serve no place in our life.  We can do something about these behavior patterns if we will just stay aware of ourselves and how we are coming across.  Judge well when a situation warrants an equal response, and then measure that response well.  We don’t have to be so reactionary just because that’s the easier thing to do (or the more immediately gratifying).  Accept the fact that tiredness just comes with the territory of parenting kids.  That cannot be our excuse for going the easy route of using parenting tactics that we know are ineffective.  Do the right thing, do the hard thing.  We will be proud of ourselves, and then we can move on to greener pastures because we have earned the promotion!

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