Keep Forgiving Yourself

     As long as we are human, we will continue making mistakes.  When we make mistakes, it is important that we keep forgiving ourselves.  And then try again!  We will get better at this well-functioning-life thing.  It’s not always easy for us.  But breaking the cycle of dysfunction never is.  It is going to be hard some days.  And there will be times when we mess up royally.  But we need to keep picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, patting ourselves on the back, and taking steps forward.  If we never forgive ourselves, we will never move forward.  We will be stuck in the past, stuck in old ways.  To get unstuck and to walk in new ways, we need to extend to ourselves the grace and empathy that we so automatically and unreservedly extend to others.  Forgiveness lives in the burrow of loving-kindness—and instead of thinking that we don’t deserve a home in said burrow, let us understand that that burrow is our home.  And let us determine that we will love ourselves, too, as we love others.  

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