Take Every Opportunity to Love Your Children Well

     Instead of focusing on all the times we mess up in our parenting (and it is a lot), let us try to focus on loving our children well in each moment we are privileged to be with them.  Let us take every opportunity to shower them with warmth and goodness.  Of course there will be times when we lose perspective.  And it’s not all bad for our children to see us be the humans that we are.  But the important thing is not to dwell on our shortcomings and not to get so dragged down by our mistakes that we aren’t able to bounce back and love our children well in this moment.  And in the next moment.  Modeling self-forgiveness is just as important as modeling forgiveness to our children and to our spouse.  When we focus on moving past the past mistakes we’ve made (after, of course, making every reasonable attempt to make things right), we can love our children much more freely, and this allows us to better feel the joy of parenting instead of being bogged down by all of parenting’s frustrations and all of its mirrors into our own shortcomings.    

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