Keep Living in the Present

     Of course it is wise to plan for the future.  And of course it is wise to reflect on the past.  But let us remember that it is also wise to live in the present—because this moment right here is the purest form of life that we have.  Right here, right now.  Our circumstances might not be great.  And we might prefer that things were different for a variety of reasons.  But here, in this moment, is how we know that we are alive—and this moment is how we know that this life has meaning and that joy and peace and love are all real and not imaginary.  This moment is only here for a moment.  So it’s up to us to make it a great moment—and a wise moment!  It can be easy to ride on past highs and to soar on our hopes for the future.  But by also doing what we can to make today special and happy and good and wholesome, we are giving ourselves and everyone we love the gift of a fulfilled life.  Breaking the cycle of dysfunction means that we are creating new and better cycles of well-function—and this living-in-the-present thing is one of those keys to putting into motion a life-giving cycle.

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