Listen to the Sound of Your Own Voice

     If we are finding that we are losing our joy more quickly than we would like with our children, then it sometimes helps to listen to the sound of our own voice.  Often, the annoyance we allow through in the tone of our voices only adds to the annoyance we feel—because even just hearing the sound of our own annoyance can make us feel more annoyed.  So if we can somehow keep our voices sounding pleasant—even if we do feel annoyed—then hearing the sound of our calm and sweet voice will help sooth our nerves and comfort our hearts.  (This is the effect we want our voices to have on our children, and it works for our own selves, too.)  The sound of our voice communicates so much—it has the power to balm a situation or incite a situation.  We will find that by choosing to use a pleasant sounding voice at all times, the annoyance we might feel inside will melt away—and then we can deal clear-headedly with the situation at hand if it calls for intervening or re-direction.       

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