Adjust Your Body Language

     It is true that we are busy all day long, and even though we are “home,” there’s a lot that still needs to get done!  And if we don’t do it (like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and tidying to name a few!), then our home quickly can fall into a chaotic state.  So when our children want to talk to us or play with us or interrupt us in any of the million ways that they do (which we love them for!), it helps keep our relationship with them open and inviting when our body language shows that we want them to be there.  Even though we may be very busy doing meaningful things that directly impact them, it is important that we turn to look at them, that our body is facing them, that we look them in the eyes, that we listen intently to what they are saying, that we respond encouragingly to them, and that we show empathy if our response if different than what they might have hoped it would be.  It helps to have relaxed hands (not clenched or shoved into pockets), arms at our sides or clasped in front of us (not crossed against our chest, feet and legs pointing to them if possible (instead of being twisted around at the torso as if what we are in the middle of is more important than them), and our height adjusted to match theirs as we crouch down to be at eye-level (instead of towering over them at all times, talking down to them).  Little changes in our body language have a huge effect on our children, and we can allow our open and inviting body language to have a positive effect!     

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