Mindfully Engage in Calm Parenting

     Calm parenting is exactly what it sounds like.  With calm parenting, we keep our cool and stay calm as we parent our children through their various stages of growing up.  This is wildly difficult, especially if we were not raised in a “calm parenting” environment.  But it’s still possible.  Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean we can’t do it.  It just means we might need to keep trying until we get the hang of it.  Because as we keep at it, it will eventually take root.  And it won’t be so hard anymore.  It will become easy—far easier than non-calm parenting ever was!  Something amazing kind of switches on for us, and we are able to separate ourselves from any given situation.  We don’t get pulled into emotional vortexes (the plural of vortex is actually vortices).  We mindfully engage in staying calm and staying grounded.  We might have to be direct and firm in some situations.  But all the while, we are still calm and in control of ourselves.  This is a much more effective way to parent because our children, then, learn to make decisions for themselves based on what they choose for themselves (and the positive and negative consequences of those decisions) instead of basing their decisions on our emotional reactions.  Also, it’s simply not good for our health to be getting upset all the time about things that we really don’t need to be getting upset about.  A real reason why it is hard to quit reacting in emotional ways to daily upsets is because it has become a habit.  Learning the healthier, more effective habit of staying calm no matter what will go miles further than the habit of emotional reaction.

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