Remember to Relax

     The tension we feel in our body doesn’t need to stay there.  As soon as we feel tense, we can breathe it out and let go of the stress we are carrying.  And even before we feel tense, we can remember to relax and to breathe and to let go of the extras that we have gotten so used to making part of our load.  Retaining the joy in parenting has a lot to do with staying relaxed and not getting to uptight about too many things.  The moment we make an issue out of every little thing (that doesn’t need to be made an issue of), we lose our joy and let tension in.  Decide what is most important.  Then take that on.  Let everything else go including the stress and all the discomfort that parenting brings into our lives.  We can bring calm into our lives if we will remember to relax!

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