Do Not Get Confused and Drive in Other People’s Lanes

     It is very tempting at times to want to fight other people’s fights and compete in other people’s games, but we have to be selective about where we spend our energy.  We must not get confused and drive in other people’s lanes, thereby abandoning our own.  We have to let other people make their own mistakes—it’s part of keeping dysfunctional cycles perpetually broken in our life so that healthier cycles can happen for us.  It can be hard to not get involved when people (like peers, colleagues, friends, or family members who are not the kind of up-building people we want to surround ourselves with but may have to interact with anyway) are being obviously foolish and when we could easily insert ourselves into the situation and “fix” everything and everyone.  But it’s easier to step back when we remember that part of the sickness that we are free from now is that there are people who need to pull other people into their chaos.  They spin these webs and create so much confusion and fear that anyone who gets too close to it gets caught.  We can see clearly now and do not need to allow ourselves to get dragged in to other people’s instability.  Let others do what they are going to do while we do what’s best for us.     

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