Being a Loving Partner to Our Spouse Is Part of Being a Loving Parent to Our Children

     Our children learn how to love others and themselves by watching how we love others and ourselves.  We can tell them a thousand times to treat others with kindness and to treat themselves with kindness—but something just clicks when they can see what it looks like.  And this is where we are living right now—working to love ourselves better so that we can love others better so that we can be a more loving parent and a more loving spouse.  Sometimes it’s easy to separate the two (the roles of being a spouse and a parent), especially if we are having differences with our spouse about any number of things.  But as we learn to work through things and to stay committed to the cause of growing a strong, healthy family, our children will see what real love looks like—and it is important to remember that being a loving partner to our spouse is part of being a loving parent to our children.  They simply feel more secure when they know that their parents are okay.  And something translates there into feeling loved because one’s parents stay in love.  (The song that could back-track this is Huey Lewis’ “Power of Love” from Back to the Future.)   

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