Learn to Master Both Your Strengths and Your Weaknesses

     There are two interesting juncture points on this path of excellence on which we walk that seeks to break the cycle of dysfunction in our life.  The first is when we have spent so much time focusing on our strengths that we have no control or mastery of our weaknesses.  That is, that our weaknesses are true vulnerability areas because we have not sought to understand these sides of us because we have spent so much time developing our strengths.  This is the usual thing.  It’s a far faster path to the pedestal of recognition when we can get good at something—and good enough at it that we attract attention because of it.  What happens often, though, is that we continue to neglect the parts of us that really do need attention—and the end result is that we may someday crumble because of the lack of work we have put into all the other facets of our life and soul besides what we are good at.  The other junction point is when we have spent so much time focused on working on the needs-improvement areas of our lives that we have forgotten that we are, in fact, good at something—many things, to be accurate—and so our confidence sinks so low because we think we are the sum of our deficiencies.  Neither extreme is helpful, so as with all things, balance is what is best to seek, and learning to master both our strengths and our weaknesses without neglecting to work on neither our strengths nor our weaknesses is what will keep us level. 

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