We All Have Our Story to Tell

We all have Our Story to tell—the greatest testimony of our life that we possess that we can share for God’s glory.  It isn’t a story that we chose to have (especially if we have come out of very tough times)—but it’s one that we can choose to emerge from with gratitude.  This gratitude says that having trusted God through it all wasn’t in vain.  That God really does vindicate us (Psalm 37:5–6 ESV).  That God really does hear us (Psalm 34:6, 17 ESV; Genesis 16:11 NLT) and see us (Genesis 16:13 NLT) and know us (Jeremiah 12:3 ESV).  That God really does help us and hold us (Isaiah 41:10 ESV).  Our faith in God isn’t just in our head.  It is a fact—something that is real (Hebrews 11:1 NLT).  And something that can cause our circumstances to change for the better (Psalm 73:28 NLT).

Because we put our faith in God, we can know right here and now—without a doubt—that Our Story will have a happy ending.  Why?  Because we will end up in the eternal presence of our Lord either way things turn out!  And what is more, our happy ending has already been in the works—ever since we invited Jesus into our heart.  Furthermore, as we trust God day by day and moment by moment, our happy ending is unfolding now—because we are leaning on God to help us and not on our own abilities.

God doesn’t play favorites (Romans 2:11 NLT).  God will deliver us out of all our troubles (Psalm 34:4 KJV) if we will stick with him through the thick and thin (Galatians 6:9 NLT).  God responds to our faithfulness to him, and he will reward us for relying on him to see us through instead of our trying to save ourselves (Psalm 138:7 NLT).

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