Be Happy Anyway

     There are a million things in a day that can give us the excuse to be unhappy.  It might feel good to use some of these excuses to justify our unhappiness (in the way that consoling ourselves this way makes us feel better).  But, truly, we win this thing if we choose to be happy anyway.  Whatever comes.  The happiness we are going for is not the skipping around kind where we are necessarily smiling 24/7.  It’s the deep, enduring kind where we know that we are okay and that we have this quiet confidence in us that cannot be shaken.  I think this kind of “happy” is a mix of everything—of joy, peace, love, hope, patience, wisdom, self-control, faith, gentleness, generosity, forgiveness, kindness, truth, justice, goodness, and grace.  Everything just flows freely, for we are anchored in something far sturdier than our circumstances.  This is what we are going for.   

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