Happiness Is a Mindset

     No matter what is going on around us (cue the kids!), we can stay in happiness mode.  Remember that this happiness is not sugar-coated, avoidance-denial, brainless-and-plastic smiling that attempts to wish away hardship or appropriate sadness.  Deep, enduring happiness is a mindset.  We are looking at things through a particular lens—an eternal one, the long-view one.  And we are living in a way that allows us to experience the fullness of all that life has to offer.  Each moment, we are present.  Each moment, we are choosing how we want to be (we are not reactionary as we once might have been).  We respond thoughtfully to situations.  We think, speak, and act out of kindness and empathy for others (which includes ourselves).  We are thankful for all that we have (even if it isn’t much).  And we are able to let go of everything we don’t have.  We still hold fast to our hopes and dreams, our faith and beliefs, and our goals and ambitions.  But ultimately we know that if we can’t find a way to be happy now, then we aren’t going to be happy later when everything is perfect as we would want it to be.  A great deal of this process is a relaxing into our own skin and an acceptance of others as they are , here in this moment.  We aren’t on edge.  We aren’t disrupted by disruption of unexpectedness.  We just know that our lives are in good hands.  We have nothing to worry about.  We truly believe that everything is going to be okay.  (Because it is!)       

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