Taking Good Care of Our Emotions Prepares the Way for Happiness in Our Heart

     When we think of our emotions, we don’t usually think of “taking care” of them.  We either feel them or we don’t.  They are large emotions or they are small.  They are positive or they are negative.  But something that can help us prepare the way for happiness in our heart is to listen to our emotions.  That doesn’t mean we act on our emotions or act out because of our emotions.  It just means that we are paying attention to how we feel—really, just making a note-to-self about it.  If we are constantly ignoring our emotional selves, then our emotions have a way of getting our attention in ways that are not constructive—and our emotions end up controlling us instead of us controlling our emotions.  Controlling our emotions doesn’t mean that we push them down and suppress how we feel.  It means that we decide how to act and how to be regardless of how we feel—but first we have to know what we are feeling!  Our emotions aren’t in charge of us.  We are in control of us.  And because our emotions are a part of us, that means that we are in control of our emotions—keeping them in check, keeping an eye of them, gauging them, giving them space in appropriate ways when we determine when the right time is.  Happiness can flow much more freely when we aren’t letting little things (or even big things) get in the way of the joy we long to have in our day-to-day lives.  Being a parent can contribute all the more, now, to our joy pool because we are able to see what’s truly important and what’s not—what’s worth spending energy over and what’s not.

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