The Journey Is Not for Nothing

     There are those who wander for the sake of wandering because they believe that the journey is all that there is.  While enjoying the journey is one of the objectives of being on this journey of life and of parenting our children well, it is not the only objective.  There is an end to this thing, and we are trekking towards something.  We will get to a point (eventually) where we will have some mastery over things.  That is why we work so hard now.  That is why we care and keep trying and keep learning.  That is why we want to know what is best, what is most effective.  We journey because we are moving towards something.  We want to go from good to better to best.  We are not satisfied with run-of-the-mill, mediocre output.  We were made for more, and we are going to give everything we’ve got to attain what is at the end of this road—which is both the prize of finishing the race and of running the race well.  Most people assume they cannot do it, and so they don’t even try.  This is why it is important to try and to care because it is with effort and care that we get better at anything we put our mind to.

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