Keep Things Easy and Light

    Not everything has to be so deep—even though we are deep people.  The best kind of day is when our kids are bounding along and we are simply bounding with them.  We aren’t trying to hold them back or hold them down or steer them too severely.  We are letting things go and going with the flow.  It doesn’t mean that anything goes—it just means that we are being highly selective about where we spend our energy.  Not everything has to be serious and the-end-of-the-world.  Because—and here’s the point—there will most certainly come the time when we will need to spend our energy where it matters, and to have conserved the deep-and-serious part of ourselves for this will make the difference between fighting worthy battles well and flailing around in waters we should easily be able to tread.  If we spend it all now (all that heavy emotional energy that we tend to scatter around on insignificant details), then we’ll be all out (or at least worn out) when the time comes to make good use of the gift we have of moving mountains with our words and our emotional-ness.  So if we can keep things easy and light in general, we can both enjoy our days better while also conserving the heavy stuff for when we need it most.     

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