Our Happy Ending Starts Now

Life Can Be Beautiful If We Want It to Be

     I’m sure you’ve seen the words, “Life is beautiful,” scrolled across pillows and wall art, and you might even know what it feels like to see those words but then feel worse because they don’t reflect where we are in life at the moment.  I would like you to take heart because even when we don’t feel like life is very beautiful, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it can be if we want it to be.  We can’t always take a passive stance in life, as if we were simply waiting for circumstances to change before we agree with the pillows that life is indeed beautiful.  Sometimes we have to have a more go-get-em attitude about life and our day and the mood we decide on.  If we just laissez-faire-ed our way through the months and years, then no doubt we’d be kind of flooded with the more downer moods because that’s the natural pull of things.  Down.  We simply have to be a bit more active about cultivating more up in our day (and through the years and in our life as a whole).  Taking a more proactive approach to things requires a tad more work, but it is entirely worth the effort.  Before we know it, the down days will be a distant memory because we will have learned how to counter-balance the downward pull of un-reigned moods (and an un-reigned life).  And this counter-balancing starts in our mind (by changing how we think about things) and is propelled by our will (by remembering how much we want something) and is kept in check by our heart (because don’t we all want to feel better—and there’s no faster way to bounce back to the reality we seek to live in than by assessing our feel-good-ness and then taking action where we can).